Winter's Offerings


Discord 9 June

Winter Closing

Figurative 21 July


Now that the great outdoors has closed for winter's renovations, it is time to think about indoor pursuits.  What better way to while away a little time than exploring the Arts.  While we are closed for three weeks this winter, we still have plenty on offer to feed the soul in these cooler months.

On June 9 we open "Discord" work from four incredibly experienced artists.  All at the top of their chosen mediums.  Below is the invitation details for this opening. Come along and have a look at what Craig Bluett, Wendy Murphy, Danny Knox and Sudhir Duppati have put together.

As winter is fairly quiet here in Marlborough we will be taking a brief break during July.  On our return we will be doing a little maintenance and hanging our next winter show. We will be closed between the 3rd and 20th July.

On the 21st July we re-open with our "Figurative" show.  With 13 artists showcasing there take on the human form.  

Planning is well underway for the shows coming up in September and October as well.  Please forward this to anyone you feel might be interested.