Susie Baker

Current Works

About the Artist

“I am excited by marks that I make on: paper, film, cloth, stone, I make marks with; pencil, brush, photographic chemicals, light… I experiment with alternative and early photographic processes that all have their own unique qualities.”

Susie draws with chemicals onto hand printed photographs, she etches into unprocessed film, and often prints a black and white photograph onto watercolour paper then layers with pencil, charcoal, pastels and paint. Susie is looking for the buzz that comes when you feel “yes, something is happening here”, the marks help shows the spirit of an object or place, made with pure energy and feeling.

The process of making is very important to her, often the final image is discarded due to the experimental nature of the mediums, then sometimes combining technical processes and artistic mark making the magic happens.
Susie has been producing art this way for 20 years, continually experimenting with different process and combining techniques learnt over the years, she continues to learn and play in her darkroom/studio and garden in Kaikoura, where she has lived for the past 10 years.