Bruce Fergus

Current Works

About the Artist

Bruce is a Dunedin-born artist who has been living near Blenheim since the early 2000s. The move northward involved both a geographic and a paradigm shift – from a business- teaching career in Dunedin to full-time creative wood artist in Marlborough.
His medium is primarily wood but the inclusion of other materials adds extra dimensions to his pieces. The range of works includes freestanding sculptural pieces (for both indoor and outdoor settings), woodturnings, furniture and innovative wall art.

Traditionally, use is made of grain and figure of wood and this is present in some pieces, but Bruce’s truly creative works include the use of colour, burning, texturing – all embellishing his stunning designs.

“My philosophy is to create pieces that please me and those who wish to own the works. I love to challenge the viewers of my art so many pieces are allegorical or have ‘hidden’ meanings. Each piece is designed to be unique. The freedom to imagine and innovate and is an all important part of my life as a creative wood artist.”