Kylie Fleur

Current Works

About the Artist

“I believe everyone was born a creative being, this is our true nature and a fundamental human need; but after four years of formal education in the arts it has taken me quite some time in letting go of old expectations and conditioning, as well as loosening my attachments towards my own creative identity.”
It was during one of Kylie’s workshops and teaching her students mindfulness through art that she began to see the artist as a vessel through which something higher and greater can be expressed. In this process an artist is humbled and receptive, as creation flows through.
Kylie is a conceptual artist, she craves her art to have more of a sense of purpose; and believes that her creative process could be a vehicle in achieving this. As a mother, who leads a busy life, where her mind is often thinking of the “next thing”, Kylie recognised within herself the need for refuge from the daily grind and that would come from stopping and being in the moment. She decided to practice what she preached, and naturally began to create art works from a meditative state of mind.
Kylie’s current work utilises the natural desire to create to support spiritual growth.
“For me creating art through meditation isn’t about planning ahead to the end product, but instead significance is placed in the process of creating. To surrender to the process means to create attentively and with more awareness, therefore each mark is made only in the present moment allowing the creativity to occur on its own terms. Here I can connect to my true artist within, where I am both artist and observer as this process takes place.”
Kylie’s current work can be described as a synthesis of abstraction and pure expression. This is meditation-in-action, where she incorporates breath, positive mantra, and discipline. To the sound of meditative music, she produces thousands of tiny hand-drawn circles (each one taking form in a single breath), which in its own time results in a finished piece of art. Each piece has an energy of its own that pulses through the work, giving form to her internal stream of consciousness and something greater than herself