John Hegglun

Current Works

About the Artist

John is a 54 year old fifth generation Marlburian. Apart from taking art at college he has had no experience or training in art, but has always had an interest but never the necessary skills to take it any further. John comes from a building, joinery and more recently a landscaping background.
While recovering from surgery twelve months ago, John discovered the art that nature produces when it impacts on fallen tree. He began to pick up driftwood and see the possibilities it presented. Drawing on life skills to date he started making outdoor furniture before experimenting and settling on sculptures.

“A sculpture always starts with one piece that sparks an idea and then I search for more pieces that will compliment it and bring the idea to life. I try not to impact on the driftwood any more than is necessary to show off natures natural beauty and create a sculpture that is designed for the garden.”