David James

Current Works

About the Artist

Born in Napier, and raised partly in Canterbury and Westport; nurtured in North America – both New York and Toronto – for a time as a commercial and fashion photographer, David has been committed to photography for nearly 18 years.  Settled in beautiful Marlborough where the light is “always honey gold”,  David has fallen in love with creating images in the region: “I adore the people here in Blenheim and Marlborough – the community spirit and friendship. I love the hauntingly stunning landscape features that stay with you.”  This is David’s first fine art photography endeavor and he is excited about committing himself to further works.

In this series, David explores the use of in-camera multiple exposures to create an unexpected blend of textures juxtaposing his portrait subject within a beautiful mess of leaves and branches – shot in the Wither Hills.  David has entitled these pieces as Courage 1, 2, 3 and 4.

“There is something brave and peaceful about the model’s expression, and emanating from this serenity is this explosion of texture. There’s a movement in the branches and leaves, while the model is still and at peace.”

Tying it all together is a larger work called ‘Standing Still’ – a single exposure shot of cherry blossoms mixing natural and artificial light to create a more disorienting sense of depth.

“These are very personal pieces for me. I’ve only just restarted my life here in Marlborough after leaving everything behind in the USA. I really wanted these works to express a feeling of hope and optimism. And I hope that other people see that too.”