Danny Knox

Current Works

About the Artist

Danny Knox has a Bachelor of Arts and Media from NMIT and a Master of Art and Design from AUT University. He currently lives and works in Blenheim.

Danny typically draws, but has been known to branch out into other visual media. The subjects of his drawings often find themselves contending with moments of strangeness and they inhabit dreamy, half-remembered places. Characters are poised to act but there is seldom any certainty in their actions.

The artist himself is interested in the often tense relationship between humans and technology and the irrationalities and absurdities that can occur at this juncture.

Past Exhibitions

2011, BAM! Graduate exhibition, G-space gallery, Nelson.

2013 ‘Honey, I’m Home”, Refinery Art-space, Nelson.

2014 Solo Exhibition for Master’s Degree, Gillian Art Gallery, Blenheim.

2017 “Digital Undergrowth”, Millennium Art Gallery, Blenheim.

2017 “You’re Home Early”, Refinery Art-space, Nelson.