Carolyn Pillans

Current Works

About the Artist

In 1994, Carolyn discovered ceramics – this was something that she had not heard of or seen before. Once she started Carolyn soon found that she had to keep going, learning how to mix the clay from powder, pouring and making moulds, cleaning, firing and decorating all different shapes and sizes of clay pieces that she produced, whether from a clay slab or a mould. This lead to experimentation of all different raw materials, what she could dip into the clay whether it was fabrics, grasses etc, what fired and what fell apart when Carolyn tried to take it out of the kiln ,learning from her successes and failures, using glazes on top of glazes. Adding lustres to give pieces that special sheen. As time went by she found she began to get interested in so many more things that she wanted to learn, different things that her kilns could be used. Glass became the next material for Carolyn to try and so she began to learn this new art. Carolyn said it was like starting over again from the beginning. There were so many new techniques, different rules, but all very fascinating.
Carolyn began working with glass in 1998, studying under Dick Stumbles at the Monash University, Melbourne – fusing with Warren Langley and glass staining/painting with Gerry Cummings both from Australia. She learnt the art of Glass Casting with Tessa Glegg and also Colin Reid from England. Flame work she learnt with Peter Viesik from Auckland and Pate de Verre with Vicki Rodgers from Wanganui.