Michelle Rosthorn

Current Works

About the Artist

Michelle began her four and a half year apprenticeship as a goldsmith in Cape Town, South Africa in 1991, under the Austrian master goldsmith Barbara Vetter. This is where she fell in love with jewellery design and learnt the art of hand crafting various metals into beautiful and unique piece of jewellery. Michelle used an extensive variety of precious and semi precious gems and pearls as well as the different grades of gold, platinum, palladium and silver, learning the unique properties of these materials along the way. Three years later she moved on to the jewellery studio of Manfred Karner, who taught Michelle skills and systems which helped her achieve the ability to create jewellery of high quality.

Being fortunate enough to have worked in these highly regarded studios in Cape Town for nine year, Michelle moved on to open her own studio and for nine years worked closely with clients designing and creating the jewellery of their dreams, often using their old or unused pieces of jewellery as well as new materials.

In 2009 she immigrated to New Zealand where she became the jeweller at McCormick & Co in Blenheim. Michelle continued to design and manufacture jewellery for clients and the shop as well as restoring old jewellery for a further six years.
Setting up her own workshop six months ago Michelle still works on commission pieces but also like to design more creative art jewellery.