Peter Stubbs

Current Works

About the Artist

Peter was born in Warkworth and has lived in various places around the country. Art was a large part of his college years where in School Certificate you had to do two three hour exams, which then included one drawing and a painting. After various jobs Peter at 20 went to Wellington Teachers College where he majored in art and sport
After teaching for seven years in Wellington, Picton and the Waikato moved back to Blenheim and started working in law.
At around 40 when Peter and his wife Sandy’s children got older he started painting again as he had more time. His primary mentor is Randall Froude a professional painter of Kimbell near Fairlie.
Three days a week Peter works for Lundons Law in Blenheim but the rest of the time pursues many outdoor activities especially mountain biking, water sports, keeping up with family and of course painting.
The beauty of many of Peter’s landscapes comes from the fact that he can give you context of the scene, where it is located and what is just off the image, generally because he has been there, sketched it, and knows the location from personal experience, not just a photograph.