Von Petersdorff

Renata Von Petersdorff

Current Works

About the Artist

Originally from Germany, she has studied Graphic Design and trained in Organic Farming. Renate calls on these disciplines in the creation of her ceramic art pieces. She admits to being fascinated by the effects of working with fire and the elements of surprise that can emerge from her kiln. The pottery wheel, hand building and slab work are all used too in her creations and are often enhanced by the raku firing technique.

Renate was introduced to pottery in 1993 (teaching German to a potter that ended up in an exchange of skills). In 1995 she joined the local pottery club in Marlborough and in October 1997 opened her own gallery in the Marlborough Sounds.

2009 She had the opportunity to be part of the art collaboration in Whangarei (where 80 international artists worked together for a week creating mixed media artwork). She has been a part of the art collaboration since and in 2015 it was in Hawaii.

Since 2011 Renate has been part of collaborative group exhibitions in both Nelson & Blenheim.

For the last 10 years she has supported the Link Water School Art Auction and is also a member of the Artists of Marlborough and the Marlborough Pottery Club.

Renate is in love with New Zealand. The organic nature of its shapes and colours is evident in her work.

“I love working with my hands and through pottery I can express myself as I try to capture the colours and the peace of nature around me.”