Shaken Art of Shaken by Art

The last week or so has seen the entire country effected by the latest round of earthquakes with many still living with the devastation and unsurety that comes with them particularly those in Kaikoura and Southern Marlborough.
While there is much we can do to survive the after effects such as having a prepared kit ready at the time of the event all we can do is hope we have a safe place to hold onto while the initial event is happening.
However, before a major event there are things we can do to protect our homes and our art and collectibles collections. We all know to screw bookcases and wall units back to the wall. Being sure your pictures are hung from studs is a good start, you can also use something like Seismic Wax (by Hayden) on the bottom corners to help stop them slipping on their hooks.
For your three-dimensional objects, such as ceramics and smaller sculptural art the Seismic Wax, or Quake Hold (Museum Putty) or even good old Blue Tack can help keep things in place. The bonus is that these things can help protect against the family cat as well. If you are looking for something for crystal and glass objects you can also get Museum Gel which is clear.
Museum grade putty, waxes, and gels can all be sourced here in New Zealand, Te Papa, Takapuna Art Supplies, Conservations Supplies and Fishpond all of which have websites, along with Amazon.
The easy part of course is to get these things to secure our precious items but getting around to it can sometimes take too long, I know I’ve been guilty of it at home, but these last two weeks have given me a bit of a kick start.
In Christchurch, we saw the rise of inspired public art that brought light, joy and movement back to a ravaged city, I’m sure when the dust settles and day to day life gets back to a more familiar rhythm we will see similarly inspired activities in other parts of the country.
Artist who have a view point or and experience to share will use their incredible talents and imagination to express and illuminate what has been for themselves and many a truly challenging time.
For the rest of us all we can do is prepare the best we can and support each other in getting through.