What is good in the visual arts is so like what is considered good in any other art form – subjective. In fact any activity that stimulates the sensors is a matter of personal preference; from wine, to music, painting to sculpture, dance to acting or prose to poetry. What I’ll appreciate, love or admire, may well illicit the exact opposite response in someone else. We bring so much of our own experience and imagination to artistic appreciation that it will always be about our own subjectivity.

That very subjectivity is what I love about having an art gallery. The breadth and range of work being produced is awe inspiring. The techniques, styles and innovation of artists working today are so diverse as to defy categorisation. What we hope to accomplish with Detour is a space that showcases the diversity that is being produced by our artists. Whether that is the more traditionally wrought beauty of landscapes or more confronting pieces that challenge the viewer to look at the subject from a different perspective.

Each artwork will have its own merits, and it will be up to you the viewer to decide if you can live with the conversations each work provokes.